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About Create-Build-Learn

So how and why was Create-Build-Learn born?

Once upon a time there was a little 7 year old boy who was crazy about building. He built racing cars, flying space machines, towers taller than himself, bridges as long as a room. His imagination was endless and I might add still is!

This little boy was so crazy about building his mom thought it would be a great idea to have a building birthday party for him. She searched for days, weeks, months no less but couldn’t find quite the right party for him so in her wisdom she decided to organise her own...

And that’s how it all began and yes you’ve guessed it I am the doting mom and the now 9 yr old is my son.

So how did the party go? Well it was pretty cool, the eyes of my son’s friends said it all when they saw the amount of Lego and Mega Bloks they were about to play and create with. The party was so well received I decided to start up my own business entertaining lots of other children with fun, imaginative building experiences and hopefully teaching them a little along the way too.

Oh did I just say the word teaching?

This leads me nicely into who I am and my background. My name is Collette and I’m a qualified primary school teacher with many years experience of making learning fun for children. Having been responsible for Design and Technology and Information Technology in various schools I am well aware that children love to create the pictures that they have in their heads and our parties give them that opportunity!

Obviously, working with children I am also fully CRB checked.

Who else is involved in Create-Build-Learn?

It is quite a family affair as my 9 yr old son comes along to most parties and loves helping the children find particular parts to use or giving them a helping hand if they need it. He also loves creating cars, robots, aliens etc that we use to demonstrate to the children to light the spark for their imaginations.

Behind the scenes there are a few trusted helpers that enable the parties to run like a dream.

So that’s the story so far...

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